Video and Photography 

Video and photography act as strong visual aspects in telling the story of your company. We work with some of the best photographers and videographers in the tri-counties in order to deliver remarkable content. Our digital motion department aims to tell your story in a fashion that lasts. 

At Web Design Santa Barbara, we believe that design needs to be both scientific and artistic. That is why we use the highest quality DSLR cameras, paired with professional photographers and the latest advancements in digital photography software to create the ultimate website experience. It takes time to capture the perfect shot but we will make sure that it is one that truly captures the passions behind your business. 

what we offer our clients  

  1. Standard quality video and photography package 
  2. State of the art camera equipment 
  3. High quality photo design software 
  4. Professional photographer 
  5. Editing, design, and implementation 
  6. Photography and videography drone shots
  7. Blog support and social media transparency