BrandinG and market research 

Whether you are developing an existing brand or launching something new, we will help you get to where you need to be. At Web Design, we use marketing research, positioning, and web development to assist in one of the most important aspects of company development - brand recognition.  

We aim to help you uncover brand purpose. Whether it be through brand transformation or initial brand creation, it is important to know where you are so that we may help you create a roadmap for where your business is going. Your brand needs to be consistent whether it is connecting back to social media accounts or to your business main website. This is how we help you develop true brand consistency and user recognition. 

what we offer our clients 

  1. Standard brand creation package 
  2. Identification of brand attributes 
  3. Identification of core brand research 
  4. Key stakeholder meetings 
  5. Competitor cross-analytic case studies 
  6. Brand marketing 
  7. Primary market research