Top 10 Web Design Companies in Santa Barbara

It has been no surprise that in recent years internet marketing continues to dominate both the internal and external marketplace. As more and more people are migrating to the internet for their marketing purposes, this ever growing saturated marketplace in the digital domain is becoming fierce and highly competitive.

Many companies continually report that they have invested too much time and energy trying to create and micro-manage their own websites for inefficient and highly unsatisfying ROI. Generating web traffic leading back to leads and, ultimately, sales is the end all be all for these companies which have become paralyzed in their efforts to survive in such an incongruent marketplace. 

After taking a closer, ethnographical approach to the current business advertisement situation in our own beautiful town of Santa Barbara, I have come to the stark realization that web design companies may be the only hope for a bright marketing future ahead in the digital world.  

So what are the top web design companies in Santa Barbara? Well, according to Google and positive review statistics, I have generated a top 5 list that I believe will be highly beneficial to local small - medium sized business searching for a remedy to their online marketing heartache.

According to Google search engine and user reviews we come to our first web design ranker: 

1. Web Design Santa Barbara

This company is a new web design business located on 10 E Yanonali St. in the upbeat downtown area of Santa Barbara, locally known as the funk zone. Recently established, the company has already started to rank high on Google search results and client reviews are beginning to flood in with positive reviews and personal testimonials to the companies recent successes. 

Most of the clients in the Santa Barbara area report having difficulties acquiring more business after their recently renovated website is fully functional. This comes as an obvious disappointment to companies that invest in website design companies and receive a beautifully designed website, however the suspected clientele to follow their re-designed piece of art never seem to follow. At Web Design, people are advocating for the businesses ability to 'make it happen' because the companies ability to deliver clientele after website creation is second to none. The reason for this is perhaps the unique SEO (search engine optimization) in which the company employs into their website creation techniques. They use on-page SEO techniques to surpass rival business websites on Google's search algorithm. 

This innovative and creative new way of website development and marketing implementation is perhaps the new secret sauce for web design and business success. The recommended company should seek out Web Design Santa Barbara for a boost in Google ranking and customer leads. Be sure to give them a lookup on their website for more information. 

2. Show Up Web Design 

This company is located on East De La Guerra st. in the downtown area of Santa Barbara. The company has been a popular favorite among local Santa Barbara companies for the past several years and their beautiful website templates are easily tell us why. 

The company presents many tempting web design templates that appear as both user friendly and creative. Show Up has had great success in the past as they continue to dominate the marketplace, implementing web designs and other services for their growing clientele. According to user reviews, the company has been doing a great job in their design department and continues to deliver both beautiful and stunning web designs that are user friendly and offer many diverse and advantageous features. 

Show Up Should be considered for the company that is doing well in regards to sales leads and customer development but wishes to improve in their cosmetic value - targeting their audiences desire for for a more holistic and visually stimulating website experience. Look for them on their website. 

3. Ameravant Web Design 

This business has been around for the longest period of time in comparison to any of the above web design companies. Ameravant is located on 420 E Carrillo St. which runs parallel to the famous State St just a block over. 

Ameravant ranks #3 in Google search and it is no surprise why. This company has been assisting clients in the local Santa Barbara are for years and has great reviews generated from a long career in web design excellence. They specialize in user interface software and efficient content management tools to evoke easy-to-use material for their clients. One of their many successful utensils in which is unique to their company is a tool by the name of VisonTracker - "a platform that combines information from the most powerful Social Networks and most respected Website Analytical companies into easy to read reports that tell you the critical information you need about how your website is performing, how your competitor's websites are performing, and what you can do to out-perform your competition". It is no surprise that the tool has been desired by the community of santa-barbarians who are hungry to readily acquire as much information about their clients as they can possibly get their hands on. 

I would recommend this company to clients wishing to get their website developed by a company that has been in the business for quite some time. Also, for those who would like to take advantage of their many readily accessible tools that can be beneficial for companies in multiple regards. Check them out on their website. 

The next seven companies have not nearly ranked as high as the three mentioned above, however they are still important to know as they are in their infant stage of development and may one day hold great value in the web design marketplace.

4. Dejalane

Located at 1302 Garden St Santa Barbara, CA, this company is run independently and engineers all of their website development through Wordpress templates. Their beautiful templates and low pricing may be an enticing offer for the newly developed company still trying to budget their way up the marketing ladder. Look for them on their website. 

5. Santa Barbara Web Design and Marketing 

Located off of 1774 Prospect Ave., the company has been running in the local area for a few years now and has an experienced marketing background. Contact for needs in the area of web marketing and digital design. Business owner Hudson will be happy to accept you. Look for them on their website. 

6. Savy Agency - Santa Barbara 

Savy is located on 118 Nopalitos Way. Savy has another location in Bend, Oregon which seems to be where most of their many business originates from. Savy just migrated a portion of their office to take hold of the ever growing market in Santa Barbara. There success in Bend may be an indicator of their talents to shine through in the sleepy town of Santa Barbara. Keep an open eye for their website. 

7. Seeing is Web Design 

This local company located on 308 W Cota St. is yet another web design company who similar to Dejalane is individually owned and operated. Check them out on their website and see if they may be a good fit for your company. 

8. First Crescent 

We now venture in to the companies that are so fresh off the boat that they do not yet possess any written reviews, testimonials or Yelp background. However, without further or do, the next web design company can be located on 1843 El Camino De La Luz.

This is yet another private contracting company that is home based and likely doesn't generate too much traffic. However, for the new brick and mortar business man, a relationship with web designers as fresh as your company may be the right direction to aim to efficiently balance that intimidating first month of business bill. Check out First Crescent on their website for more information. 

9.   Dowitcher Designs 

This company is located right on the busy street 510 State. This company specialized in graphic design and may have some designs for the photography/videography crew in need of graphic specialization. It would be worth contacting Dowitcher to get a quote and to see what tools they posses that could contribute to a great web design in graphic creation. You can check them out here at their website. 

10. Studio 920 l Web Design Santa Barbara 

This company does not have an active location as they are a mobile and internet based communications company. If you don't have enough time to work alongside with one of the more prominent website companies, you might try contacting the Studio to help with any of your web design needs. You can find them on their website. 

I hope that you found this article both interesting and applicable. Best of luck in your business endeavors and in your search for a piece of the grand marketing pie - the internet. 


Chase Reiner